Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Final Reflection

So, we were assessed by Sanaiya and Humza and have our comments, feedback and marks back...
15.5 out of 23. I guess its not bad, but we could have done better, right?

"Iqra, Kayla and Hiba did a really good job but they didn't have a brochure in order to get higher marks."
------ Their comments/feedback.

They are right, we could have gained higher marks if we had actually completed and printed off our brochure but oh well, maybe next time.

How to Improve - I think we could have made our project better if we had correctly met the deadlines for each section (made a timeline, like the sheet suggests). We could have also had one blog that presented every final piece of work, I think that would have made it a lot easier for us to see what we were missing. To improve our brochure, we could have added more colour and advertised our shoe with relevant but still interesting information to attract the readers.

What I Learnt - I think its important that even though we didn't achieve full marks in this project, we still learnt alot. Personally, I learnt how to make a brochure using Microsoft PowerPoint and I also learnt some advertising techniques that will help sell the product. These two things that I have learnt throughout this project will definitely be handy in different things I may come across in life.

Anyways, till next time -  Iqra :)

QOTD: "He who has a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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