Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adobe Photoshop - Planning

I have accumulated a few pictures for my Adobe Photoshop collage. My topic is the"Seven Wonders of The World". I will start to create my collage as soon as I have collected good pictures of each wonder. 

In case you don't know, the seven wonders of the world are:
Great Pyramid of Giza
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Colossus of Rhodes
Lighthouse of Alexandria

Keep in mind that these are the classic wonders of the world. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Reflection - Adobe Photoshop

Hey there,
this is my reflection on the areas of interaction of Adobe Photoshop.

The area of interaction I am using is the environment. My collage is a variation of different pictures of landscapes and scenery's. These obviously relate to the environment because they are the Earth's natural features. I chose this topic in particular because I personally love looking at these beautiful scenery's and also because I love to travel and I definitely want to go to some of these places in the future.

I think although Photoshop is slightly difficult to use at first, once you get the hang of it, it is fantastic. There are many different features that can transform pictures from simple to eye-catching. I would say my favourite one so far is the magnetic lasso tool because it makes selecting a certain part of a picture really easy. I am also loving the blur tool because you can use it to blur the background of a picture and leave one part clear so it stands out and becomes the "centre of attention".

Until next time.

QOTP: Peace begins with a smile.- Mother Teresa

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Learning About Photoshop CS5

1. Move Tool (V)
2. Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)
3. Lasso Tool (L)
4. Quick Selection Tool (W)
5. Slice Tool (C)
6. Eyedropper Tool (I)
7. Spot Healing Brush Tool (J)
8. Brush Tool (B)
9. Clone Stamp Tool (S)
10. History Brush Tool (Y)

1. You can use this tool to move things. It is usually used to move a layer around after it has been placed. Hold the [shift] key to limit the movements to vertical/horizontal.
2. Use this tool to make selections in a rectangular shape. Holding the [shift] key whilst dragging your selection restricts the shape to a perfect square and holding the [alt] key while dragging sets the center of the rectangle to where you started.
3. Use this to draw selections in whatever shape you would like. To close the selection, just double-click.
4. Using the quick selection tool is very quick and simple. You are able to add and create backgrounds easily and enhance your images in any way you want.
5. This tool is mostly used when building website, or splitting up one image into smaller pieces.
6. This tool allows you to change the foreground colour. Holding [alt] key will change your background colour. This is a mildly advanced tool.
7. You can use this tool to repair scratches and specs on images. It works very similarly to the brush tool. Hold the [alt] key and select the nicer area of your image. Let go of the key and paint over the bad area. It copies the information from the first area to the second.
8. This was one of the first tools and is what Photoshop is based off. It paints your image in whatever colour you have selected and whatever size you have selected. There are many advanced options to it.
9. This tool is very similar to the Spot Healing Brush Tool. You use it the exact same way, except this tool doesn't blend. It just directly copies the information from the first selected area to the second.
10. This tool works like the Brush Tool except the information that it paints with is from the original state of your image. You have to go on Windows>History, and select your History state and then the tool will paint with that information.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Final Reflection

So, we were assessed by Sanaiya and Humza and have our comments, feedback and marks back...
15.5 out of 23. I guess its not bad, but we could have done better, right?

"Iqra, Kayla and Hiba did a really good job but they didn't have a brochure in order to get higher marks."
------ Their comments/feedback.

They are right, we could have gained higher marks if we had actually completed and printed off our brochure but oh well, maybe next time.

How to Improve - I think we could have made our project better if we had correctly met the deadlines for each section (made a timeline, like the sheet suggests). We could have also had one blog that presented every final piece of work, I think that would have made it a lot easier for us to see what we were missing. To improve our brochure, we could have added more colour and advertised our shoe with relevant but still interesting information to attract the readers.

What I Learnt - I think its important that even though we didn't achieve full marks in this project, we still learnt alot. Personally, I learnt how to make a brochure using Microsoft PowerPoint and I also learnt some advertising techniques that will help sell the product. These two things that I have learnt throughout this project will definitely be handy in different things I may come across in life.

Anyways, till next time -  Iqra :)

QOTD: "He who has a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'." - Friedrich Nietzsche